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Don't Break Down Before Your Breakthrough.......

Before your breakthrough comes a break down..there is always a breakdown of self and preparation of the heart before the Lord allows His breakthrough to happen...when you are at a time where you have seemed to exhaust every way, every option, and every person we tend to turn to before we turn to the first ONE we should have turned to the Lord allows us to get in a position of being broken down to where we cry out with every being in our mind heart and soul crying to Him for the help we need to get to the breakthrough...that’s where he wants us! Sold out to nothing but him to receive the breakthrough and relief from what the enemy thought he had us with!! Allow your self to be broken before the Lord and completely fixed on His promises and watch what breakthrough He brings for you!!! Make yourself raw before the Lord and watch His might power work within you and all around you!! #beencouraged#yourdoing betterthanyouthink -Kayla Binns

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