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Ebony White is the CEO and Founder of Legacy Life & Co LLC, a company of faith based strategic thinking, inspiration, and motivation. Faith without works is dead. Ebony is an inspiring, determined, and outgoing leader who is purposed to concentrate on the internal aspect of aspiring & seasoned entrepreneurs/ leaders that are seeking to build or prepare their vision for a legacy. She reminds her clients, "This is BUILD-ness, not a business".

Also, she is led to reach women individually, dealing with their internal fears on a faith based level for life changing transformation. The process consists of rising up, reviving within, and releasing outward. The conquering of your fears bring about true success.

Ebony has launched several businesses but went through the process of finding the purpose of her individual being. Her purpose is to share her experiences, cycles, curses, issues, insecurities, and knowledge she has obtained and endured. Her passion is to see entrepreneurship taken to a level so deep, that the foundation of the business matches the foundation of the founder, which is build-ness. She is led to follow this journey and her calling to the land of limitless.

Ebony is supported by her loving husband Abraham, 3 beautiful daughters, parents, 2 siblings, and other family & friends of Saginaw, MI and other U.S. states. She acknowledges that she hasn't come this far on her own because her "why" is the destiny of her legacy.

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