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How To Shift Into Your Next Assignment + Dr. LaShanda Gary

Working your dream is more then waking up and wishing.  Listen up ladies and gentlemen... you gotta work for it.

It takes heart, plans, action, courage, and extreme focus to reach results.  Can I get an Amen. It's a faith walk.

It’s a marathon not a sprint. 

  • Run your own race. Set your own pace.

  • Expect excellent results.

  • Believe in the impossible.

  • Create an amazing movement.

  • Shift your mindset.

  • Expand your thinking.

  • Know that you can do it.

  • Remember God is with you.

  • You can achieve anything.

You have more people rooting for you than against you.

Create your own shift.

Keep God First.

Always remember, you were built to last!!

I would love to see you while I'm out on the road.  You may not know, but I have a pretty amazing Facebook Private Group for Branding & Biz  we have a daily focus, hot seat session, marketing tips, business resources, and a whole lottttttaaaaaa Jesus!!

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