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Joni Lamb Interview + Co-Founder Daystar Network

· As the host one of the most highly-anticipated interview shows in Christian Television, can you briefly tell us the origin of Joni Table Talk and it’s ultimate mission? It all started when my husband, Marcus, encouraged me to do a show interviewing people because he saw the sincere interest I had in hearing their stories. I’ve also never been afraid to ask hard questions or tackle tough subjects with truth and love to reach people, revealing how God can transform their pain into purpose. · Many people look at the work you do being a full-time wife, mother, grandmother and so many other things…how does Joni keep the balance while maintaining her personal relationship with God? I try to get up early in the morning and start my day with some devotional time. Whether it’s reading the Word or listening to worship music, I focus on what the Holy Spirit is saying. I think having intimate time with God is critical, especially when your schedule is full of commitments to share His love with the world. Each day, I try to put my husband first, followed by my children and grandchildren, with work being last on the list. Somehow, there’s always enough time to get everything done because when we put God’s priorities first, He can multiply our efforts and make every moment count. I’m honored and incredibly grateful to meet and interview some of the greatest leaders in ministry today. But my favorite people to spend time with will always be those in my family.

· What advice would you give to women may be struggling in the area of finding their purpose in life? Dive deeper into those things that ignite passion in your heart. At age 22, I conducted my first interview by putting a tape recorder under my grandfather’s chair and asking him to share his story. I’d heard bits and pieces throughout the years, but never the whole thing until that moment. Little did I know that I would one day be blessed to hear so many other life-changing stories from people who had personally experienced God’s goodness and grace in their lives.  As a young girl, I also loved to sing and pursued that with formal training and lots of practice. Of course, I never realized that I would eventually lead an incredible group of singers and musicians, record many albums, and write some inspired songs.

· Can you tell us something about you that many people may not know? Fear of bugs? Hobbies? Who is Joni Lamb off the camera? I hate roaches but love Scrabble and Words with Friends. (I’m also a killer Candy Crush player.) Swimming happens to be one of my most cherished hobbies, and

it absolutely never gets old. In fact, the ocean is my favorite place on the planet!

· What is next for Joni Lamb? What can we expect to see in the near future since all of the children are now married adults? In the future, I hope to share many more life-changing interviews, encourage people with uncompromising truth from the Word of God, and run the race set before me with a strong finish. I’d also like to see my grandchildren grow up, get married, and hopefully influence them to love God like my grandparents did for me.

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