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The Degree Of Mastering Yourself + Demeshia Hyman

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Grieved Personality + Chapter One

Have you ever experienced a situation where your environment put you in an unfortunate situation? Most likely the answer is “yes,” in anyone's living life.  I want you to go back to that time when your environment seemed to be a hindrance of some sort. Evaluate the persons who played a part in this environment of chaos and dysfunction. Did the persons involved tend to be grieved or excited about life? Or did the persons involved tend to be checked out, whether lethargic or impaired in some way?  

Let's start with taking an in depth synopsis at people in your life that you may recall as being grieved in some way. Perhaps the reason why a person is grieved, could be related to the loss of a person or the loss of something they once sought after, that may have died in their mind and showed up in their behavior and/or character as a “stillbirth mentality.” Meaning they’re present in some ways, but can’t get over the loss and allow it to suppress the continued birthing moments that life reveals. Simply because their depression overrides their emotions in times of vitality.

A grieved personality disorder, can seem to always make things about them and they tend to think the worst as a defense mechanism. In their mind, they are protecting you from heartbreak, by always telling you the downside of things. They are likely to still celebrate you, but they go right back to being creatures of habit. Perhaps they are found talking down too often and ranting about small things. A tactic they use to prove their understanding is right, is to simply point out the negative in most scenarios; to the point their energy is down and they refuse to see the light in the tunnel. They often gear their reasoning around to just simply aborting your ideas and suggest that you do things their way or die. The grieved personality disorder projects their belief system into all parts of life to cope.

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