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The Power Of Relationships + Nicole Crank

Getting hit doesn’t only hurt on the outside, it hurts on the inside, too.

My ex-husband physically abused me—broke my rib, and herniated the C7 disc in my neck. (So much for restraining orders.)

It took me a while to really come BACK from all that.

He threw me through a wall. He kicked through our bedroom door. He put a loaded gun in my mouth and pulled the trigger.

Click… PRAISE GOD, it didn’t fire.

But, I wasn’t strong— at first. In fact, I kept trying to win him back, in my mind. That entire time, I kept wondering…

What did I do wrong?

Did I not love him ENOUGH? Could I have loved him BETTER? It took me a year or two after that just to allow another man into my life.

He was a great guy. We dated— but It just didn’t work out. He said he was NEVER getting married. (Not something you say to a single mom.)

I think God just let me have somebody SAFE. Somebody kind who treated me okay. He was preparing me to meet my real husband.

I needed some healing time. A buffer. I needed more confidence. I needed to get some of my personal POWER back!

Then I met David. I began to feel that God still had a GOOD life for me, no matter what had happened TO me or what I’d done.

It may take you some time to get YOUR emotional strength back. (After what you’ve been through.) Give yourself a break!

Meanwhile— don’t allow the enemy to get in your head and steal the power of a HAPPY relationship based on past patterns. ______________________________________

Have you ever felt rejected— like you have something you have to prove? (“Y” or “N”) I have!

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