Greetings Friends!


It is our prayer that this letter finds you prosperous and in good health! We are excited about ths new year and this new season for Women from all over the word. Listen, with the type of year we've experience in 2020, we deserve to walk into this new season with expectations!


We are at a loss of words when it comes to attempting to describe the excitement of this particular edition! I believe one of the greatest positions in the world is to be known as a servant! We've featured some of the most well-known global voices in our Publications, from London to Australia...from Delaware to California..but there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you have the respect and support of your Louisiana State Senator!!


I’ve been holding this for a couple of months!! We are excited to feature in this month's Edition of Woman Arise Magazine, our very own Pro-Life Advocate, State Senator, Attorney & Servant, Senator Katrina Jackson! In this Edition you’ll get a chance to read more about her story, her position and I’ve also gotten a few friends who wanted to say thank you to her that she had no idea was going to be in her issue!!!


This edition also features a new and emerging voice, Jackson State University graduate, Tenisha Wells. Tenisha is a Jackson, MS native and new Author. Wells has a heart to help people walk in the power of Financial Literacy. She has a Masters In Finance and has accepted the amazing challenge of changing lives through the release of her upcoming Online Course through her brand, Leverage Financial.


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(Single) Making A Difference Featuring Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson